Leap of Faith “Merrymint or Minty”

Tom’s first competition horse. She is a stable, forward has moving mare. At 19 years old she carried Tom through his first season of racing competing at both the Limited Distance and Endurance Distances.

Minty carried Tom through his first endurance race at the Biltmore 50 in 2013 finishing in 41st place in a time of 7 hours 33 minutes. Riku and Heidi were right beside them encouraging them through the race.

Competed in 2009, 2010 and 2013.
Total miles 215
Endurance Miles 155
Limited Distance 60
6 Starts 5 Completions

She is now retired and happily living once again with her original owner of 15 years. While we miss her, she is enjoying the luxury of retirement in Florida!